Gamma radiation sources: Sodium-22 / Na-22

Radionuclide characteristics
Half-life, days: 950.57 ± 0.23
Photon energy:

γ1511(annihil.) keV (179.8±0.2%)
γ21274.537±0.003 keV (99.940±0.014%)
22Na is incorporated in ceramic matrix and sealed in a welded stainless steel capsule.

Code Nominal
activity *
DxH, mm dxh, mm
mCi MBq
GNa2.11 ** 0.0027-0.27 0.1-10 3x3 2.1x1.5
GNa2.15 0.0027-0.27 0.1-10 8x5 4x1.2

* Tolerance: ±10%

** ISO classification: С64344

ISO classification: С64444

Recommended working life: 15 years

Other dimensions and activities are available on request


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