Standard and testing sources: Dose calibrator gamma standard sources

Sealed gamma radiation sources type DCGS are purposed for suitability checks of well detector ionizing chambers, also known as dose-calibrators. Sources are made in PE vials with active part of epoxy resin with homogenized with radionuclide solution. Volume of the active part is 20 ml for type 1 and 10 ml for type 2. Each nuclide is color coded.
Dose calibrator standards, type 1Dose calibrator standards, type 2

Overall geometric dimensions,
DxH, mm
Active part,
dxh, mm
31x80 29.2x30


activity *
Color code Code
mCi MBq
Na-22 0.2 7.4 Yellow RNa2.1.1
Co-57 5 185 Red RCo7.1.1
10 370 RCo7.1.2
Co-60 0.05 1.85 Blue RCo0.1.1
0.25 9.25 RCo0.1.2
Ba-133 0.25 9.25 Black RBa3.1.1
Cs-137 0.1 3.7 Green RCs7.1.1
0.2 7.4 RCs7.1.2
0.25 9.25 RCs7.1.3

* Tolerance: ±15%

ISO classification: C23222


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