Beta radiation sources: Krypton-85 / Kr-85

Radionuclide characteristics
Half-life, days: 3927 ± 8
Photon energy:

XR Kα 13.356 keV (0.0000158±0.0000028%)
γ513.997±0.005 keV (0.434% )

Beta particle energy:

β1 max 173.4±0.2 keV (0.434±0.010%)
β147.65±0.07 keV
β2 max 687.4±0.2 keV (99.563±0.010%)
β2251.59±0.08 keV

85Kr gas is encapsulated in welded titanium capsules with a 25 µm thick titanium window. Capsules are sealed either by cold welding a copper filling tube or crimping a silver washer. The crimped silver washer sources are only filled to sub atmospheric pressures. The inclusion of a welded back cap provides a secondary seal and improved mechanical strength. A protective window shield is included with each source to protect the window during transportation and handling. It also absorbs the beta dose from the source, making it easy for the user to handle and load into gauging devices.

Quality control
Windows are Helium leak tested to <10-8 mBar l-1 sec-1 before filling.


Code Nominal
activity *
Capsule type
mCi GBq
KAC10881 100 3.7 X.1088
KAC10882 200 7.4
KAC10883 300 11.1
On request 400 14.8
KAC11401 100 3.7 X.1114
KAC11402 200 7.4
KAC11403 300 11.1
KAC11405 500 18.5
KAC11410 1000 37
KACK5565 50 1.85 X.1266
KACK7807 200 7.4
KACK5674 300 11.1
KACK7654 500 18.5
KACK8148 1000 37

* Tolerance: ±10%

ISO classification: C43332

Recommended working life: 10 years


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