Mössbauer sources: Cobalt-57 / Co-57

Radionuclide characteristics
Half-life, days: 271.80 ± 0.05
Photon energy:

Fe XKα26.39084 keV (33.2±0.5%)
Fe XKα16.40384 keV (16.8±0.3%)
Fe XKβ7.058-7.108 keV (7.1±0.2%)
γ114.41295±0.00031 keV (9.15±0.17%)
γ2122.06065±0.00012 keV (85.51±0.06%)
γ3136.47356±0.00029 keV (10.71±0.15%)
Serial sources: 57Co active part is prepared by electrodeposition of high-purity carrier-free 57Co onto a thin (thickness: 6 µm or less, diameter: 4-8 mm) metal matrix followed with controlled annealing process. Standard matrix is rhodium. Active part is placed into titanium alloy holder with brazed beryllium window and sealed with laser welding. In case of ordering a source for liquid Helium temperature application additional notification is required.
Point sources: The source is a beryllium capsule with active part inside, inserted into a titanium alloy holder. The holder is a single-piece element with truncated cone shaped front end and threaded tail piece. Source active part is a metal matrix with thermally diffused 57Co isotope. Source tightness is achieved by glued and welded joints. Point sources are not suitable for use at liquid Helium temperature.
Serial sourcesPoint sources

Code Nominal
activity *
Capsule type DxH, mm d, mm
Rhodium matrix mCi MBq

* Tolerance: +10, -5%

ISO classification: C34243

Recommended working life: 10 years

Line width: 0.13-0.15 mm/sec

Other activities are available on request

Point sources are not suitable for use at liquid Helium temperature


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