Gamma radiation sources: Cobalt-57 / Co-57

Radionuclide characteristics
Half-life, days: 271.80 ± 0.05
Photon energy:

Fe XKα26.39084 keV (33.2±0.5%)
Fe XKα16.40384 keV (16.8±0.3%)
Fe XKβ7.058-7.108 keV (7.1±0.2%)
γ114.41295±0.00031 keV (9.15±0.17%)
γ2122.06065±0.00012 keV (85.51±0.06%)
γ3136.47356±0.00029 keV (10.71±0.15%)
Disk sources: 57Co is incorporated in ceramic matrix and sealed in a welded stainless steel capsule.
Penpoint marker sources: 57Co is incorporated in ceramic matrix and sealed in beryllium capsule with alluminium alloy holder. The source is supplied with brass cap to transport and storage.
Disk sourcesPenpoint marker sources

Code Nominal
activity *
DxH, mm dxh, mm
mCi MBq
GCo7.11 ** 1-50 37-1850 3x3 2.1x1.5
GCo7.12 1-50 37-1850 3x10 2.1x1.5
GCo7.13 50-70 1850-2590 4x10 3.1x1.5
GCo7.14 50-100 1850-3700 7x10 5x2.5
GCo7.15 1-70 37-2590 8x5 4x1.2
GCo7.16 10-100 370-3700 10x5 8.5x1
GCo7.17 10-100 370-3700 12x3 8.5x1

* Tolerance: ±10%

** ISO classification: С64344

ISO classification: С64444

Recommended working life: 15 years

Other dimensions and activities are available on request


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